Get the Right Size Unit for Maximum Comfort and Energy Efficiency

It gets hot here in South Texas. We need reliable and efficient air conditioning that works. If you want to make sure your home or office has the perfect balance of cooling power and energy efficiency, accurate load calculation plays a critical role.

What is load calculation? Load calculation is the process that an HVAC expert undertakes in order to determine what size of an air conditioner or heating system a home needs to do the job right.

An improper load calculation can lead to poor air quality and a system that can’t provide sufficient cooling power. An underpowered system can have trouble getting your home to a comfortable temperature and run up your electric bill struggling to keep up. An overpowered system starts and stops more frequently, causing more wear and tear, and doesn’t run long enough to effectively remove humidity from your home. Choosing the wrong-sized system can be uncomfortable and costly, so have your load calculation done correctly.

Expert Air Conditioning in Pharr is the Rio Grande Valley expert when it comes to accurate load calculating for your home or business. We know that getting an accurate calculation is a very important part of HVAC system design, whether you’re getting a replacement air conditioning system or selecting the right unit for brand new construction.

Load calculating should not be a guessing game. You should insist on an accurate load calculation and make sure the technician is using modern equipment and technology to take measurements.

Expert Air Conditioning, LLC considers three key factors when calculating loads:

  • Design considerations including location and size of the home or building, humidity and directional orientation with the sun play a big role in cooling loads. A home in McAllen, Texas may have different needs than a similar sized home in Weslaco.
  • Thermal enclosures including windows, home insulation, shade trees, and draperies. Windows alone can have a big impact on load.
  • Internal loads including how many people live in the home, how electronic devices, lights, and appliances are used, and the location and quality of existing duct work.

Get the right size HVAC system with an accurate load calculation by contacting the experts at Expert Air Conditioning.