Have Enough Airflow?

Improper airflow is a common issue in most homes and buildings.  Many variables dictate the amount of air needed in each area, therefore, not all rooms require the same due to heat differences.  A well designed air distribution system is essential to maximize efficiency and comfort.  Having and using the right tools, makes it easier to correct the problem.

Having just cold  air during Summer is half the battle.  The other important part of the equation is air volume.  Imagine having 60 degree Fahrenheit air out of a 1″ outlet on a room versus the same air temperature out of a 5″ outlet at another similar room.  Do you get the picture?  Luckily we don’t have to resort to a “hand test” and determine a more or less accuracy level.  In order to test for proper air amount, we use several tools.  One of the most accurate tools for this task is an airflow hood.  Accuracy is the key to having a well balanced air distribution design.  The test is considered as non-invasive, so no need to worry about damage and typically no additional modifications required.

Why Should I Request It?

Poor airflow is a major cause of inefficiency and discomfort.  This test will also be able to account for potential duct air leakage to be repaired.  No more wasting that nice cold air going where it is not intended to be.  Kinks of squished flex duct will easily show poor signs of airflow volume and are generally easy inexpensive repairs.  Airflow measurements will allow focus on trouble areas to fix instead of going blindly and trying to fix things that don’t need it.

How To Know If There is a Problem?

Here is a list of several different signs that will indicate your airflow is not well balanced:

  • It takes a long time to cool to desired temperature.
  • Air temperature supply is felt different from room to room.
  • Doors shut by themselves.
  • Loud air noise either at an area or throughout.
  • Feels somewhat humid.
  • Rooms that are too warm or too cold.
  • Electricity bill higher than normal.

Letting the problem go on adds strain to the compressor and causes premature failure.  Avoid big repairs by investing on having your air system design tested for proper airflow.  The airflow hood easily allows a technician to figure out potential problems and readily make recommendations for repair.  Schedule this service so we can improve your system efficiency while also making you feel comfortable.

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